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Interiors: SGA

Furniture: ERDL

Location: Boston, MA

We were very excited to be included in the team to build a new HQ for this Boston based food-innovation lab. The client gave us a long leash with the guidance to ‘come up with something awesome and original’. We built nearly all the furniture for this office. Epoxy cast fabrics, neon infused clear resins, huge cantilever tables bolted to the floor, ink-dyed hardwoods…and on and on! 


Epoxy resin-coated fabric top with black-painted steel base.


  • American chestnut top with orange epoxy resin accents in wormholes and center power trough. Hand-shaped painted composite base.

  • Stained-ash hardwood top with surface-mounted power. Red-painted tube steel base. Faux-concrete laminate floor cover. 


Stained-ash workstations with welded steel bases. Wire passthroughs for power along the central spine of the workstations. 


  • Faceted desk with high-gloss yellow lacquer. Surface embedded power and data.

  • Blue-painted solid ash top with powder-coated yellow steel leg. “Concrete” laminate support doubles as power and data passthrough.

  • Blue inked ash-veneered desk top with yellow accent painted fracture detail continuing onto the drawer face, and painted steel legs.

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