We design from scratch or take your concept work and develop it into exceptional bespoke pieces of hand made furnishings. 95% of our projects are built in our Chelsea workshop. We possess a strong command of tech and AV requirements and we integrate these vital systems into nearly all we build. 

Our work is plug and play. Every aspect of tech and AV is thought out, installed, tested, all before on-site install. Less headaches, less coordination.


We provide interior design consulting with a focus on the specialty areas. Our strength is solving the tricky but crucial parts of a design, such as reception areas, exec offices, board rooms, tech-heavy spaces, and areas with complicated millwork and materials. We also design and develop furniture and material applications to suit highly custom spaces. This is where the Lab portion comes in to play.


A natural extension of our practice! By streamlining the project-process we can deliver tailored spaces at exceptionally competitive costs. We have recruited senior Project Managers and team leaders to execute a wide range of projects. We also self-perform a host of functions on site. This top to bottom approach provides tremendous economies and project control. Faster, smarter, tailored. 

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